hi Tion period is brief (from 1 to 3 days), and the onset is usually sudden, with chills, fever, respiratory symptoms, headache, myalgia, and extreme fatigue. Treatment is symptomatic and usually involves bed rest, acetaminophen, and drinking of fluids. can i buy viagra in spain over the counter Fever and constitutional symptoms distinguish influenza from the common cold. Complete recovery in 3 to 10 days is the rule, but bacterial pneumonia may occur among high-risk patients, such as the elderly, the very young, and people who have chronic pulmonary disease, and lead to death. On average, 5%-20% of the population suffer influenza infection annually, and approximately 56,000 die. Three main strains of influenza virus have been recognized: type a, type b, and type c. New strains of the virus emerge at regular intervals and are named according to their geographic origin, for example, asian flu. Yearly vaccination with the currently prevalent strain of influenza virus is recommended for elderly or debilitated persons and health care personnel. generic viagra online in canada Treatment or prophylaxis in high-risk patients may be achieved with rimantadine. cheap viagra Oseltamavir (oral) and zanamivir (aerosol), when administered within 48 hours of onset, can lessen the severity and duration of symptoms. buy viagra cheap Also called usage notes: (informal) flu , grippe , la grippe. Influenza [in′floo-en´zah] (ital. viagra pills ) an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract, occurring in isolated cases, epidemics, and pandemics. cheap viagra overnight Called also grippe and flu. generic viagra free shipping Adj. , adj influen´zal. generic viagra online in canada Three different genera of viruses have been discovered that cause influenza, called influenzavirus a, b, and c (species names influenza a virus , influenza b virus , and influenza c virus ). viagra brand price Influenza b and influenza c viruses are chiefly associated with sporadic epidemics among children and young adults. Most older adults carry antibodies against influenza because of repeated exposure to the viruses. Subtypes of influenza a virus are designated based on the antigens hemagglutinin and neuraminidase ; because they can undergo antigenic shift they are responsible for widespread epidemics. Symptoms. Influenza has a short incubation period. viagra 300 mg Symptoms appear suddenly, and although the virus enters the respiratory tract it soon affects the entire bo. viagra 2.5 mg price order viagra online